Partner With Us

SURV Credit offers three types of partner programs:

Partner/Broker Partnerships

Leverage your network or existing client base to earn monthly recurring revenue.

Alliance & Channel Partnerships

Expand market share and unit sales by bundling a finance option with your products or services.


Easily integrate our finance platform to your website or landing pages.

Partnering With SURV Credit Has Many Benefits

Add Value To Your Customers

SURV Credit should be offered to your clients as a value-added service. Offering clients multiple products requires a careful balance, the last thing you ever want to do is jeopardize an existing relationship. But if you can integrate multiple products into a single merchant, you create “stickiness” and increase your monthly revenue. SURV Credit is a great product to offer your existing clients and can be used as a way to make you look like a star! Your customers will love SURV Credit’s simple process, competitive rates, and advanced technology. SURV Credit will help further strengthen your existing relationships and will help create additional residual revenue, increasing the value of each customers.

Build A Residual Revenue Stream

SURV Credit has created a commission model that truly keeps everybody’s interests aligned. Partners get paid every time a merchant of theirs funds a loan, which provides partners with a residual stream of revenue. Just imagine…lets say you have 20 merchants enrolled in SURV Credit, and that each merchant funds $25,000/month in loan volume. This would give you a total funded loan volume of $500,000. Lets say that you have an average commission rate of 1.5% (commission payments vary depending on credit grade of the loan). With the assumption of 1.5% commission, you’d earn $7,500/month for as long as the merchant is enrolled with SURV Credit!

Be Successful With Our Simple Referral Model

SURV Credit can be very profitable. But did you know that SURV Credit has simplified the sales process for our partners so much that anyone can be successful? It’s really true. SURV Credit has implemented a referral model that simply requires our partners to provide SURV Credit with warm leads. Just tell a merchant about SURV Credit, get them interested, and pass the lead to our inside sales team who will get them enrolled and started. You will be paid a commission every time the merchant uses SURV Credit to fund a loan with no more work needed from you.

Stand Out From Your Competition

SURV Credit offers a unique product in the marketplace.  Because of this, you should “lead with SURV Credit” and differentiate yourself from the competition. Call customers and prospects offering a product that’s truly differentiating, something that unique and what your customers are looking for. SURV Credit’s program was built around the needs of merchants and your customers will love learning about how SURV Credit can help streamline and simplify their consumer financing.